University project created together with Michał Bętkowski, Julia Drężek, Paweł Ryczkowski and Kamil Winer as a High Five Team, with special thanks to Karol Korpecki for composing dedicated soundtrack.

This is a rogue-like game created in one semester as part of Project-Based Learning. Our goal was to make a complete game from scratch with custom game engine.

Game has won national ZTGK 2020/2021 competition in Game Development category, as the most technologically advanced game.

Written entirely in pure C++ and OpenGL.

Official Trailer

In Unholy Survivor: Recoking you play as semi-demonic character whose ability is separating himself into physical (defensive) and mental (offensive) form. You must save the world from powerful Necromancer and his undead army…

Every gameplay session is unique thanks to advanced procedural map generator, based on Voronoi diagrams.

As engine programmer, I was responsible for:

  • resource managment
  • 3D PBR deferred rendering
  • shaders
  • multithreading
  • particle systems
  • skeletal animations

Also, updated version of the game got backported interactive foliage system. This system was result of my engineer thesis, where I’ve created it initially for Unity.

Gameplay Video


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