About Me

Hello there!

My name’s Bartłomiej „Dragon” Drągowski (aka bartek[PL]).
I’m Game Developer and I come from Poland.

Video games are my hobby since childhood.
I know C#, C++, Lua and I’m especially interested in 3D rendering techniques and shaders.

In 2021 I’ve graduated computer science from Lodz University of Technology with specialization in games technology and computer simulations.
Currently working mostly with Unity.

Welcome to my portfolio website.

Main Personal Projects


Complete solution for creating performant, dense and interactive grass in Unity.
Inspired by multiple techniques from AAA games.
Supports easy runtime changes.

Available on Unity Asset Store.

Dragon Water

Complete solution for creating stylized water in Unity.
Inspired by multiple water techniques from AAA games.

Available on Unity Asset Store.

Need For Speed : San Andreas

Modification for Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas, that completely transforms gameplay into old-school Need For Speed racing games.

Available as free-to-play multiplayer server on Multi Theft Auto platform.

Major University Projects

Unholy Survivor : Reckoning

Game that won national ZTGK 2020/2021 competition in Game Development category, as the most technologically advanced game.

Written entirely in pure C++ and OpenGL.

VR Pottery

Virtual pottery workshop.
Awarded by HTC as best VR solution on ZTGK 2020/2021.

Made with Unity.

Crypto Fighter

Tower defense-based AR game.
Project took 2nd place in the hackathon VR Challenge by Unit9 in 2018.

Made with Unity.

Other Projects


GDScript Delaunay + Voronoi for Godot


Game created during Digital Night Jam 2.

The Hanging Mind

Game created during Ludum Dare 44.

Holy Crusader

Game created during Ludum Dare 43.

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